Enrique Nery

Enrique Nery
Enrique didn't like to be called 'Maestro' although he really was one. My good friend left us a great legacy of knowledge and friendship that makes him unforgettable. He was a great jazz musician, he made Mexico proud. This song was written by Enrique for his production "The New Mexican Sound" with German Palomares Oviedo (greetings my friend!).
We miss you Fizz...

Enrique nunca quiso que nadie le dijera "maestro", y lo era en toda la extensión de la palabra. Mi buen amigo nos dejó un legado de conocimiento y de amistad que lo hacen inolvidable. Gran jazzista orgullo de Mexico, esta es una canción que Enrique escribió para su co-producción con German Palomares Oviedo (a quien mando un abrazo) "The New Mexican Sound".
Yo si me considero un discípulo de Enrique Nery, aunque yo no sé si el hubiera querido considerarse mi maestro por lo mal que toco....
Te extrañamos Fizz...

Canudos By Enrique Nery - The New Project Las Vegas

Autumn Leaves

This ia a tribute to the legendary Roger Williams. "Autumn Leaves" (1955) was the most successful song of Williams' career, and the first No.1 instrumental song on the Billboard charts of the rock era, according to "The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits."

"Green Dolphin Street" LV Jazz Alliance 2012

 JoBelle...what else can we say?

LV Jazz Alliance

LV Jazz Alliance at the 2012 NAB Convention. Presentation sponsored by Intel and Yamaha.


Watch the "LV Jazz Alliance" at the RECORDING STUDIO / BROADCAST STUDIO & LIVE PERFORMANCE VENUE. The Intel NAB 2012 Studio Experience will be filled with informative demos, presentations and informed people from leading technology companies like Apple, Dell, HP and many others. Watching live here will be the next best thing to being there!
JoBelle Yonely - Vocals
Gary Anderson - Sax
John Plows - Drums
Dick Jones - Bass
Moises Sol - Piano
Wednesday April 18, 5 pm Pacific time

After The Love Is Gone

After The Love Is Gone. The Trio with the great jazz musicians John Plows and Dick Jones
January, 2012


Here is Marsha K Ross-Vocal Stylist with Charles McNeal, Dick Jones, John Plows and Moises Sol